About Us

Wicker Baskets

Dee-lightful Willow is a UK newly formed company projecting a well established family run cottage industry specialising in high quality wicker baskets

Formed over 50 years ago in Poland where local experienced craftsmen and women have been very successfully producing luxury, natural, eco-friendly hand-crafted wicker willow products.

We have earned a well-respected reputation for their sense of design, high quality and sturdy durability of fabrication.

Their conscientious dedication to the traditional skills and crafts has resulted in a truly luxurious end product which any household would be proud to display and use.

These products have been available for many years in Germany and now Dee-lightful Willow is bringing these trusted products to the UK.

The proprietor of 'Dee-lightful Willow' is Dee Jacyno who has a passion for warm country design, and these wicker willows which she is now promoting fall into her homely, yet sophisticated, themes which she has utilised as an interior designer when portraying a luxury image for UK country cottages.

The 'Dee-lightful Willow' products range from the everyday utilitarian, and much acclaimed, shopping basket with large capacity and immense strength of construction, together with the additional eco-friendly effect of obviating the need for plastic bags!

Other useful products include bottle carriers and log baskets once again all sturdily constructed and a pleasure to have around the house, offering a warm homely feeling.

Wicker trays in three sizes provide a multitude of uses from pet baskets to fruit storage all once again presenting, when combined with cushions or rugs, a feeling of luxury.

Willow baskets for plants and flowers, in differing sizes, and the large wicker basket create a homely feature when placed by the fireside on a winters evening.

For more information about our beautiful wicker baskets, contact the team at Dee-lightful Willow today